Gay Men’s Therapy is a specialist psychotherapy and counselling service for gay men and men attracted to men.

However, Gay Men’s Therapy (GMT) is more than a counselling and psychotherapy service; we are a committed group of therapists that come together regularly to learn from each other about how best to serve the psychological needs of gay men. We meet to discuss both enduring and current issues that gay men face, often supported by the latest research findings and professionals invited to share specialist knowledge. As a leader in the field of mental health provisions for gay men, we accept referrals from other health professionals and organisations that see GMT as a more appropriate service for their patients or clients. Our therapists come from a wide range of backgrounds in the NHS, education, and private and public sectors. Many of us have experience working or volunteering for the Terrence Higgins Trust, a leading sexual health organisation and trailblazer in improving the lives of gay men. We are not just therapists; we are people who share the diverse backgrounds and experiences that our clients bring to GMT, giving us a deeper understanding of their needs.